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welcome. this is a representative place. a planned city, meant to be comfortable in use, appealing to the eyes and inviting for visitors. along the provided routes you'll find the most beautiful façades, which reveal by their transparency just as much as desired. lighting will play its part as well. the backyards and attics stay in the dark, but will eventually be discovered by alert visitors.

new urbanizations are growing near the city limits, maybe there will be real life one day. traffic ways are being routed, connections are being made. there is a constant flow of vehicles, crossing the bridges, day and night. you will always find an open snack bar.

this is a city like every other.

avenue of me_

the main street connects different boroughs and passes by important landmarks. along its way, there are smooth curves, major crossings and countless side roads.


born october 1982 in central germany. grown up in westerwald forest and in frankfurt/main.
currently based in berlin since 2003. european citizen.

careful: school's ahead!

elementary and high school in frankfurt, graduation in 2001.
student at freie universität berlin, graduation in 2010.
2007/2008 erasmus mobility year at universidade do porto, portugal.

my hood_

the place where i live should boast a metro system at least. no matter whenever you're sleeping or whenever you're awake, there's always the pulse of other peoples's lives.


door numbers: 21, 43, 11.
transit connections: u9/s25/s2/u6, u8/ring/u7, u4/u7/s1/ring/u9.


door numbers: 47, 55.
transit connections: u1/u2/u3/u8/s6, u1/u2/u3/u8/s6.


door numbers: 45, 485.
transit connections: a/b/c/e/f, d.


it happened about a dozen times so far that i've missed a flight;
in several cases, it got expensive in the end, in some cases it was caused by the airline;
in most cases, i was even happier having missed it.


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